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Strategic Planning

helping nonprofits drive positive change

Our Mission – Helping nonprofits Make a Bigger Difference for the People & Causes they Care About ©

How can we meet your Strategic Planning needs?


  • We can support your nonprofit in achieving its highest priority goals – the work of your Vision, Mission & Core Values.

  • Our effective strategic planning approach supports the positive change you want to achieve for your clients and agency.

  • We have helped many nonprofit agencies succeed and have strategic planning options for every budget. 

  • From small 6-figure annual budget agencies, to multi-million dollar organizations, we have supported governance-leadership teams in planning for and making a bigger difference through their initiatives. 

  • We have references from multiple sectors, including special planning projects for billion-dollar government sector bodies.

Our most popular planning options:

  • Leadership Support option – We custom-design a 3-phase strategic planning process for your nonprofit. It typically includes Planning to plan/Engagement-feedback loop + an intense 1-day Workshop + Document production. This option enables your agency to benefit from significant cost-saving, and completion within 1-2 months. Ideal for small and mid-sized organizations.

  • Refresh: For nonprofits with existing Strat Plan supported by VisionarEase / a revised plan is produced, with a short-day workshop.

Ask about our other options:

  • Comprehensive option – We custom-design a multi-phase process for your nonprofit. It includes Planning / Research / Complete multi-stakeholder engagement-feedback process /  Environmental scan / 1-day workshop + Complete document production. This option supports your agency in the development of a comprehensive, fully decision-support-documented plan. Ideal for mid-sized and large organizations.

  • Hybrid option – you choose the elements you need most, from the Leadership & Comprehensive options.

Contact us with your questions or to book a call.


I look forward to answering your questions personally.



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